Rhode Island Wing Chun
Develop an Automatic Reflex Response Defense System
Taught by Steve Taylor, 4th Generation Ip Man Lineage


Lineage defines the history and growth of a particular system of martial arts. It identifies who the practitioners were and who they entrusted the systems further advancement to. Each and every name in a lineage is important and deserves great respect. Without the sacrifice, effort, and hard work of each and every teacher, students would not have the ability to learn a particular style as it was taught generation after generation, without dilution of principles and concepts. Lineage is a family tree, with knowledge and skills passed down personally from teacher to student.
 Grandmaster Ip Man (center), Sijo Wong Shun Leung (left)
Sijo Wong Shun Leung (center), Sigung Gary Lam (far right)
Sigung Gary Lam (left), Sifu Greg Leblanc (right)
Sifu Greg LeBlanc (left), Steve Taylor (right)